Tuol Sleng Museum 5

Ähnlich wie die Nazis haben die Roten Khmer ihre Taten lückenlos dokumetiert.

Tuol Sleng Museum 5


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William Woodford am 2. Juni 2007 00:06:

This is what the people who supported the Communist victory helped to bring about--history’s most intensive socialist revolution. The Cambodian Communists would have never come to power without the assistance of the Vietnamese Communists. My understanding is that most people in Deutschland still think the Communist victory in Indochina was a good thing and falsely blame this atrocity on America. They are dumbkopfen for sure, and that’s putting it mildly.

Bernhard Handlbauer am 25. Juli 2007 01:19:

I doubt that most people in Germany think that the Communist victory in Indochina was a good thing.
But I am sure that a majority there thinks that the war in Indochina was a very tragic and dirty one.
I think that the US policy was highly responsible for the tragic escalation of this war and even for its outcome.
Large bombing of giant areas, hundred thousands of civilian victims, 70.000 bombs alone over Cambodia ... all that evoked the hate of the victims of this war policy. The USA dropped more bombs over Indochina than over Europe in World War II.
The "khmer rouge" found tens of thousands of its most fanatic followers among those survivors of the "collateral damage" of US war policy. Without the US-bombardments in Cambodia they might never have become so strong, so militant and so cruel.
I don´t have sympathies for the Communists for all their deadly errors, crimes and economic misery they brought over Millions of people.
But it must be said that it was the Communistic Vietnam that freed Cambodia from the terror regime of the "khmer rouge" in 1979 - while the US policy had favoured the "khmer rouge" against the Communists in Vietnam.
These terrible pictures of the poor victims of Tuol Sleng should unite us in seeking the rather complicated historical truth and to be more aware of what happens when the whole world abandones a country in a dark nightmare.
Cambodia, Ruanda, Bosnia, Dafur ... maybe we are all "dumbkopfen".